The alleged Russian sub was a civilian plastic boat. And. . . ?

Swedish Admiral Admits ‘Russian Submarine’ Was Actually Civilian Boat” • The Moscow Times One wonders how many Swedes were seduced to believe that this was a Russian thing? And how many million dollars that search cost – and what effect such a “mistaken” photo had in terms of strengthening the Swedish military, increasing the budget and having the Nordic countries gang up to “deter” Russia. Good Lord, pure fearology – but with a purpose. We shall now await an apology from all Swedish media which without the slightest research just reproduced the military information at the time, no questions asked about the basics. This Admiral and his revelation will probably not go out over the whole world but those who see it, I guess, will think: Oh how the Swedish military is making a fool of itself. First such a stupid photo, then 6 months to reveal the blunder! (This story was also reported in Swedish by Dagens Nyheter).

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