If the EU becomes a criminal Union some don’t want you to know

For instance EU and other Western mainstream media. But we are getting out! The European Union is about to sign an agreement with non-EU Turkey to get rid of a large part of its refugees – by paying around € 6 bn to Turkey. Amnesty International and many others have pointed out – in strong words – that this agreement violates basic provisions of international law and human rights norms. This is the text I wrote on March 16 in TFF PressInfo # 367. As far as I’ve been able to check, no mainstream Western media has made any use of this text, let alone contacted me for comments. Instead it has been circulated widely by social media, spread to the rest of the world by the excellent Human Wrongs Watch, by the largest alternative news agency, International Press Service (also in Spanish) and I had a chance to refer to it on Russia Today (see another post here on my site) with between 600 and 700 million viewers. The leading alternative Counterpunch in the U.S. featured it too. And if you google – “Will the EU become a criminal Union tomorrow – you’ll see it featured also in Equador, in Canada by Global Research, etc. The worldwide PressEnza Hongkong took it. So did the Other News. Information that markets eliminate. The WN – World News Network. There are many others, of course. And more to come, surely. Who is not using such […]

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