The Clintons celebrated – but likely disastrous for the world

Hillary Rodham Clinton was nominated last night by the Democratic Party as its candidate for the U.S. Presidency. She may well win on November 8. What a tragedy for Western democracy that the leader of what is still called the free, democratic world cannot produce better candidates than Trump and Clinton through a disgustingly commercialized [...]

‚ėģ ‚ėģ TFF PressInfo # 21 of March 11, 1997

"Greater NATO, Why?" Some people do not understand why the crisis and war in Ukraine is the result of a long long process of counterproductive, foolish NATO expansion decisions. Neither do they understand why I have the views on it I happen to have. Instead of decent arguments they have called me all kinds of [...]

Hvor har vores krige virket?

Omfattende interview med RÆSON per 1. august 2014: Om situationen i Gaza, om mægling og fred, om Irak, krigen mod terror, Ukrain, en ny kold krig, om hvordan verdensordnen er under forandring, USA på vej ned og hvorfor danske udenrigspolitik må begynde at stille om... Tryk på forsidebilledet:

Wow, Hillary Clinton as moral philosopher

Responsibility for wars and killing A number of Western/NATO politicians ‚Äď Hillary Clinton foremost among them ‚Äď and media people have recently introduced a new ethical principle in international affairs: When A delivers weapons to B, A is responsible for what B does with these weapons. The former Secretary of State and perhaps future U.S. [...]

‚ėģ ‚ėģ Where Is The Passion for Peace? Yes,

‚ėģ ‚ėģ Where Is The Passion for Peace? Yes, indeed - where is that passion? Today those of us who struggle for the UN norm of peace by peaceful means are often treated as dangerous or as pariahs. A brilliant, searching argument by professor Walter G. Moss who reminds us that (Western) statesmen of earlier [...]