Help Netanyahu to come to his senses

Mossad contradicted Netanyahu on Iran nuclear programme - Al Jazeera PM Netanyahu repeatedly speaks and acts in bad faith with the aim of getting some kind of war started on Iran. A leader of a nuclear weapons state suffering from obsession and having such bad aims and political judgement is a threat to us all. [...]

TFF PressInfo # 310: Terrorism – small dot in a larger picture

TFF PressInfo # 310: Terrorism - small dot in a larger pictureWhat is terrorism? Why do we talk much more about that than other types of deaths? Why is the word misused?What has nuclear weapons ‚Äď that politicians and media hardly ever talk about ‚Äď got to do with terror?Why should we all be careful [...]

Who are the barbarians of our time?

When I watch this documentary, Iraq: Shattered Heritage, I cannot but ask myself: Who are the barbarians of our time? What is the mote and what is the beam in this world? Who tells Russia that "big countries shall not bully smaller countries"? Isn't it time for the Western world to acknowledge its own dark [...]

Wisdom of expression

Freedom of expression fundamentalism - or what happened to Charlie?Four main reasons you need to be wise - and not make New Atheism your new creed! This is TFF PressInfo # 304. You can get these fast-growing PressInfos winging into you e-box too. Just write to

The Swedish-Israeli crisis

Interview with RT International on relationship between Sweden and Israel on YouTube.And we end it with a good laugh about my advice to PM Netanyahu!

Would one European leader say “nonviolence” too?

My thoughts at this moment ¬© Jan Oberg 2015. Click to enlarge. Text: ‚ÄĘ Who of them will say: "My belief in my Western identity and our values and culture is strong. Therefore, I am Security, Police and Intelligence - but I am also Nonviolence, Dialogue and Reconciliation. And I feel safe when I take [...]

“We Are All Charlie” – but is that story so simple?

Eleven points as a reflection on the terror in Paris and - not the least - the reactions to it*: 1. What was this an attack on?Was that attack an attack on freedom of speech as such, on democracy, even on the whole Western culture and lifestyle, as was maintained throughout? Or was it, more [...]

Depiction of the Spiral of Violence

Or, rather, of violence against violence + terrorism against terrorism. Press photo from the march on January 11, 2015 in Paris Among the marchers against terrorism and for freedom of expression we find leaders from France, Denmark, Egypt, Italy, Turkey, Russia, the U.S., Israel, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Bahrein and Ukraine. What do they have in [...]

‚Ėļ ‚Ėļ TFF PressInfo # 288 ‚Äď Where it all went wrong and lessons were never learnt

TFF PressInfo # 288 ‚Äď Where it all went wrong and lessons were never learnt Why the "conflict management" and "peace making" by the West during the dissolution of Yugoslavia was much more important for our time and what happens now than anticipated. Much of the terrible crisis we see today was started by policies [...]

‚Ėļ ‚Ėļ TFF PressInfo 282: Instead of bombing IS (Part B)

TFF PressInfo 282 Instead of bombing ISIS ‚Äď Concrete proposals (Part B) Lots of proposals, doable and much more efficient than war. Please SHARE, thanks. The alternative to war is not to do nothing, it is to do something else!

Fogh Rasmussen efterlader en verden i kaos

Interview med Jens Malling - Publiceret i Arbejderen Efterlader en verden i kaos Anders Fogh Rasmussen tr√¶der tilbage som Natos generalsekret√¶r i dag efter fem √•r p√• posten. Aggressivitet over for Rusland og hykleri n√•r det g√¶lder Irak har if√łlge fredsforsker Jan √ėberg kendetegnet hans sidste √•r i spidsen for organisationen. Et udtryk for Vestens [...]

US-led coalition has neither a political nor an exit strategy

US-led coalition hits targets in Syria's Homs province - YouTubeShort conversation with me about why I predict that the US-led bombing of ISIS structures will turn out to be an intellectual and moral disaster and that the Obama administration has neither a politico-military nor an exit strategy.

US to strike ISIL ‘sanctuaries’ in Syria

US to strike ISIL 'sanctuaries' in SyriaI venture the following predictions: 1) This will lead to mass-killing of innocents too. 2) This will further undermine the United Nations since there is no mandate for bombing Syria. 3) It will strengthen the resolve of ISIL and other groups (see end statement). 4) This is done either [...]

Six Steps Short of War to Beat ISIS – the speech Obama should have held!

Six Steps Short of War to Beat ISISBy eminent researcher Phyllis Bennis The speech President Obama ought to have held‚Ķbased on brilliant intellectual points and the logics of ethics. With that the U.S. could lead. Without it, it just can't.

Obama’s plan to stop ISIS

‚ėģ ‚ėģ Obama's plan to stop ISIS - video of speech, about 13 min.This speech is a record low in terms of moral and intellectual analysis: What it boils down to is war - i.e. killing every single ISIS person anywhere. The war on terror has always been about killing terrorists but you can not [...]


‚Ėļ ¬†A major event in peace and conflict research & policy studies ‚ÄĘ Three authors with 130+ man years of experience with Yugoslavia ‚ÄĘ All their writings, equivalent to 2000 A4 pages, written 1991-2014 ‚Ėļ Not a word changed: for anyone to see whose analyses and predictions stand the test of time ‚ÄĘ Freely accessible [...]

Forsvarsminister Wammen er galt afmarcheret *

K√¶re Berlingske redaktion K√¶re Michael √ėrtz Christiansen og Karen Clement, Berlingske Nyhedsbureau I bringer kl 11.41 i dag en artikel hvori forsvarsminister Wammen - uden henvisning til nogen folkeretslig bestemmelse - mener at den forest√•ende Irak-operation er folkeretsligt OK. Det er den ikke. De to argumenter han bruger - at den irakiske regering har bedt [...]

Do you know that 6 countries in today’s Europe have 480 nuclear weapons (beyond France)?

Do you know that 6 countries in today's Europe have 480 nuclear weapons (beyond France) and that Germany is the largest with 150 of them? The are all United States weapons stored here through secret arrangements. This report is written by Hans Kristensen, a Dane who has studied nuclear weapons since the 1980s and is [...]

A NATO for a dangerous world – sure

 Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Philip M. Breedlove: A NATO for a Dangerous World - WSJ Here is the West's intellectual high jumpers when they are at their best. Sorry to say it, it ain't good enough. NATO is for a dangerous world. It couldn't live without finding new enemies on a permanent basis. Here they [...]

US warns Russia against Ukraine invasion

‚ėģ ‚ėģ US warns Russia against Ukraine invasion - Al Jazeera English Does the United States want a war? Read this carefully! Samantha Power used to be a researcher one could respect, albeit not always agree with. Now she has turned into a war-monger. Here she has the guts to say that if Russia should [...]