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🇬🇧 Below, you’ll find shorter columns, comments, videos and social media posts published elsewhere but not on this homepage. They are far from all, but those I happen to see. I also recommend that you visit the TFF Vimeo Channel to see media comments; some of those I make end up there.
🇨🇳 What I publish in Chinese media can also be found here.

🇩🇰 Her finder Du klummer, kommentarer, video og sociale medie-poster publiceret andre steder men ikke på denne hjemmeside. Det er langtfra alle men dem, jeg når at se. Hvad angår mediekommentarer og -debatter så besøg TFF Video Channel; en del af dem lægger jeg dér.
🇨🇳 Hvad jeg publicerer i kinesiske medier, kan du også se her.

🔻 Global Times, October 29, 2023
The Occident is heading for a disastrous accident

🔻 The Citizen, India, October 22, 2023
The Occident is heading for an Accident
The US/NATO/EU world now accepts defence through genocide

🔻 Global Times, Beijing, September 6, 2023
US ‘new Cold War’ against China is self-destructive

🔻 Editorial – Transcend Media Service, TMS, August 7, 2023
Humanity Needs a Completely Different Peace and Security System in the Future

🔻 The Citizen, India, August 6, 2023
Give peace a chance.

🔻 Global Times, Beijing, August 1, 2023
Rather than the usual paradigm of security through arms, humanity needs a completely different peace and security system

🔻 Pressenza International PressAgency, July 30, 2023
Nonviolent journalism: A new book from Pressenza offers pathbreaking alternatives to the embedded militarism of the mainstream. Also on Transcend Media Service, TMS, here.

🔻 China Investment, July 2023
Towards a new peace and security thinking for the multipolar, cooperative and peaceful world
An unusually long article with a vision, featured as Cover Story of this distinguished Chinese official magazine.

🔻 RT “CrossTalk” with Peter Lavelle, July 13, 2023
NATO’s Epic Fall with Jan Oberg, Misty Winston, and Mike Jones.

🔻 Global Times, Beijing, July 13, 2023 & Transcend Media Service, TMS, July 13, 2023
US-Nordic Summit sees NATO expansion, confusion and repetiti

🔻 China’s Xinhua News Agency in English, July 12, 2023
Three articles using quotes:
Interview: NATO’s policies are gross violation of its own charter, int’l law, says Swedish expert.
Roundup: NATO fails to give timetable for Ukraine membership at summit.
NATO summit sparks global security concern, internal rifts remain

🔻 China’s national television, CCTV, July 12, 2023
Jan Oberg: Three comments related to NATO’s Vilnius Summit
新闻直播间]瑞典智库学者表示 北约自诩防御联盟 却持续扩张引发冲突

Shared also by 163.com, CZTV.com, Jxnews.com.cn, Huanqui.com.

🔻 China Daily, July 10, 2023
NATO’s 30 years of conflict and provocation

🔻 The Citizen, India, July 8, 2023
NATO – 30 Years Of Conflict Provocations The North Atlantic Treaty Organization no longer argues or analyses, it postulates.

🔻 Centro Studi Sereno Regis, July 4, 2023
Vertice NATO di Vilnius: 30 anni di provocazioni di conflitti

🔻 Helsemagasinet, Oslo, July 4, 2023
Bør Finland og Sverige slutte sig til NATO?

🔻 Transcend Media Service, July 3, 2023
NATO’s Vilnius Summit – 30 Years of Conflict Provocations

🔻 Frihedsbevægelsens Fællesråd – dissens media, 8.juli 2023
Danmarks Radio undskylder men hævder at én enkelt konfliktparts anonyme kilder er acceptabel journalistik

🔻 The Global Times, June 8, 2023
NATO office in Tokyo: Provocative and treaty-violating

🔻 The Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), May 22, 2023
The Nordic Сountries: More Militarism and Confrontation Where Creativity, Security and Peace Were Eminently Possible

🔻 The Citizen, India, May 31, 2023
In Joining NATO Sweden & Finland Discard Human Security For Militarism

🔻Centro Studi sereno Regis, May 3, 2023
I media di stato dell’Occidente e la loro violenza in aumento: l’affare Hersh

🔻Transcend Media Service, TMS, May 1, 2023
The West’s State Media and Their Increasing Violence: The Hersh Affair

🔻The Citizen, India, April 24, 2023
Ukraine And The End Of World Militarism.
The list of failures of the EU and NATO gets longer by the week

🔻 Dissident Voice, April 21, 2023
The Danish Broadcasting Company Cancelled Seymour Hersh with Arguments Revealing its Conveniently Ignorant Role as the US Master’s Voice

🔻Global Times, April 14, 2023
Western imperial dominance and militarism will not settle Ukraine in peace

🔻Transcend Media Service, TMS, March 20, 2023
Peace and Conflict Resolution: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Seems More Intelligent Than Human Political Intelligence (PI)

🔻The Citizen, India, March 18, 2023
Artificial Intelligence Chat GPT Advocates Talks, Peace AI formula to end war

🔻Dissident Voice, March 17, 2023
It’s Your Right to Access Russian News and Analysis Sites in English if You Want

Foto di Tom Barrett su Unsplash

🔻Centro Studi Sereno Regis, March 15, 2023
Quanto credono che siamo stupidi? Un gruppetto pro-ucraino in uno yacht ha fatto che cooosa?

🔻How stupid do they think we are? A small pro-Ukrainian group in a yacht did whaaaat?
Many media have quoted from what I said in the interview mentioned there with Chinese media, e.g. A Estátua de Sal, Sure A Not, New York Folk, AsiaNewsStation, Headlinescrave, Sri Lanka Guardian, PressEnza, Mandala, Open Eye Media, Global Politics, Histoire et Societe, iNews Zone, Fron Maltin Inqumu, Free The Words – thanks to the syndication agency, Globetrotter and Asia Times.

🔻China Daily, March 13, 2023
Latest Nord Stream theory ‘fake, dumb, improbable’: Swedish expert

🔻Transcend Media Service, March 13, 2023
How stupid do they think we are? A small pro-Ukrainian grup in a yacht did whaaaaaat?

🔻China’s Tik-Tok – Douyin – March 10, 2023
I’ve never seen so much lying and so little intellectual input in what is being reported

🔻ITAR-TASS, Russia’s National News Agency, March 9, 2023
Шведский эксперт назвал фейком последнюю версию о взрывах на газопроводах в западных СМИ (Swedish expert calls fake latest gas pipeline bombing story in Western media).

🔻China Global Television Network, CGTN, March 8, 2023
Live: Headline Buster – Report links U.S. to Nord Stream explosion, western media silent on coverage?

🔻China Daily, March 7, 2023
European experts question unusual silence over Nord Stream blasts

🔻Centro Studi Sereno Regis, March 6, 2023
Ucraina: 1 anno di guerra 30 anni di conflitto (prima parte)

🔻 Derimot.no, 3. marts 2023 og Antiglobalisten samme dag
Ville Danmark afskaffe en helligdag for noget andet end krig?

🔻 China Daily, February 24, 2023
Time to reflect on the Russia-Ukraine War

🔻 China Daily, February 20, 2023
Ukraine crisis: Think deeper or we all lose

🔻 China Daily, February 20, 2023
Experts take on Russia-Ukraine conflict

🔻The Citizen, India, February 18, 2023
Jan Oberg: Ukraine War: Think Deeper Or We All Lose

🔻Institute for Public Accuracy, IPA, February 17, 2023
News Release: NATO’s Sweden and Finland Campaign

🔻China Investment, January and February 2023
Jan Oberg: Looking ahead, where does trust come from? 展望未来 信任从何而来

🔻 Föredrag i Hunnebostrand för “Bottna för Fred”
Äntligen en hederlig, professional journalist som t o m gick på föreläsning efter arbetstid: Lysekilsposten’s Britta Wingård. Tack!

🔻 Tidningen Västsverige, 16 februar 2023
Tidningschef Göran Nyberg, Saknar civiliseradkonfliktlösning.
– en gedigen, korrekt och fair återgivning; för en gångs skull. Tack!

🔻 The Citizen, India, February 7, 2023
The permanent war mentality

🔻 Inspired by Humanistic Soka Education Philosophy, February 1, 2023
Presentation and article on this French blog related to Soga Gakkari International, SGI.
In English here.

🔻 Bongorama.se, January 25, 2023
Goda Gud och Statsminister Kristersson ett hot mot Sveriges framtid

🔻 Interview with PressTV, August 2, 2022
US slaps fresh bans on Iran amid deadly floods, sheds crocodile tears for victims: Tehran

🔻 Офіційна сторінка Центру протидії дезінформації – Government organisation: Center Countering Disinformation, Kiyev, July 16, 2022
Spokespeople who are pushing a rhetoric that is in tune with the Russian propaganda and
“Over a hundred representatives of the international community – scientists, military, journalists and politicians who directly or indirectly promote pro-Russian narratives” – See Facebook page. Here is the conversation on RT from July 27, 2022

🔻 Yerepouni News and Eurasia Review, July 12, 2022
Why NATO Is Outdated, Dangerous And Deserves To Be Abolished – OpEd

🔻Helsemagasinet Vitenskap og fornuft, 4. juli 2022
Bør Finland og Sverige slutte sig til NATO?

🔻 Xinhua News Agency, July 1, 2022
NATO expansion only begets confrontation, threatening global security
A series of views from around the world on NATO’s Madrid Summit, one of them being Jan Oberg’s.

🔻 Swords To Ploughshares, Ireland, June 22, 2022
EU Militarisation Irish Neutrality & the War in Ukraine: the Case for Peace
A conversation between Jan Oberg (Director of the TFF-Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research, Sweden) Eamon Rafter (World Beyond War, Ireland and SToP) and Niamh Ni Bhriain, Programme Coordinator War and Pacification at the Transnational Institute, The Netherlands.

🔻 TFF May 12, 2022 – Pressenza International Press Agency.
Very happy to see that TFF materials have been re-published by this distinguished alternative media no less than 350 times in the last few years.

🔻Artiklen “Tåbeligt at Finland og Sverige går med i NATO og ignorerer både de virkelige årsager og konsekvenser” er i sin engelske udgave blevet reproduceret og givet anledning til omfattende mediedækning i mindst 21 medier verden rundt, ikke mindst i Kina, Rusland og Iran hvor den er nået ud til hundreder af millioner:

🔻 TFF May 12, 2022 – “It is foolish for Finland and Sweden to join NATO and ignore both the real causes and consequences” was reproduced in these media, among others:

Tankernas Trädgaard, Sweden – ZNet, the US – The Future of Freedom Foundation, the US – Arbejderen, Denmark – Tibaert, The Netherlands – Ueberdenken, Germany – ConsortiumNews, the US – Novelkingdom1News, Nigeria – Phil Ebersole’s Blog, the US – Altindx, the US – Russia News Now, Russia – American Committee for US-Russia Accord, the US – AntiNuclear Net, Australia – Nuclear News NetJenny Piper Blog, Sweden – RT, SpanishScheerpost, the US.
It also led to conversations/commenting or interviews on RT (Russia Today), this conversation on PressTV, Iran; this on China National Television, CCTV, and this panel discussion on China’s CGTN special program “The Point With Liu Xin.”

🔻 The Citizen, New Delhi, April 12, 2022
Why NATO should be dissolved. It’s outdated and not defensive

🔻 Helsemagasinet, Norge, 28. marts 2022
Ukraina: Vesten har brolagt veien mot krig med løgner

🔻 Transcend Media Service, Editorial, March 21, 2022
NATO/Russia Conflict in Ukraine: The West’s Spinal Cord Reaction Will Prove Extremely Self-Destructive

🔻 Russia and the West – Micke Stensson, March 17, 2022
The Bidenadministration and historical revisionism

🔻 Cartagocat, 17. marts 2022
NATO/Ryssland-konflikten i Ukraina: Västvärldens ryggmärgsreaktion kommer att visa sig extremt självdestruktiv

🔻 Lindelöf Nu, 17. marts, 2022
När samhället blir både dövt och blint

🔻E-folket, Eskilstuna, 12. mars, 2022
Jan Øberg: Fogh Rasmussen mener atomvåben og destruktion af Rusland er en mulighed

🔻Antiglobalisten, Norge, March 11, 2022
Anders Fogh Rasmussen tar til orde for å ødelegge Russland en gang for alle

🔻Kristeligt Dagblad, March 8, 2022
Fredsforsker: “NATO har uden grund ekspanderet helt op undr Ruslands skørter.”Fredsforsker Jan Øberg begræder Ruslands invasion af Ukraine, men fordømmer Vestens respons. Debatten på Kristeligt Dagblads Facebook side.

🔻 Russia And The West, March 6, 2022
Jan Oberg: NATO-Expansion: Blinken och Stoltenberg ljuger avsiktligt och media låter dem hållas.

🔻PressTV, March 4, 2022
A conversation with Tony Gosling, UK, about Ukraine

🔻PressTV, “Spotlight” Iran – February 25, 2022
NATO’s eastward expansion crossed red lines – A conversation with Eliah Magnier

🔻Muslim Network TV in the US, February 25, 2022
A conversation about Russia-Ukraine escalation (beginning 17:30 into the program).

🔻PressTV, Iran – February 23, 2022
U.S. imposes sanctions on Russian banks, elites over Ukraine tensions – Comments by Jan Oberg

🔻Arbejderen, Danmark, 22. februar 2022
Nej til amerikansk militær på dansk jord – min analyse i sin helhed. Intet andet medie ville turde. Tak!

🔻 Helsemagasinet, Norge, 7. febeurar 2022
Fredsprisen 2021, CIA og USAs globale mediekrig

🔻Arbejderen, Danmark, 3. februar 2022
Regeringen sætter USA og EU i spidsen for “værdibaseret” dansk udenrigs- og sikkerhedspolitik

🔻Göteborg Dagblad, 2:a februari, 2022
TT – Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå – bedriver ren meningsjournalistik och opnionspåverkan

🔻China Daily, January 14, 2022
Nuclear control needs more than statement

🔻Dissident Voice, January 14, 2022
NATO Expansion: Blinken and Stoltenberg Lie Intentionally and the Media Let Them

🔻 Global Times, Beijing, November 16, 2021
Interview Part 2: West should learn about China with an open mind before making judgments

🔻 Danmark Radio P1 Morgen, 18. oktober, 2021
Kommenterer Nobels såkaldte fredspris med udgangspunkt i Etiopien lige nu – lyt også hér 02:15:10 inde.

🔻Global Times, Beijing, October 18, 2021
Interview Part 1: How does Western ‘accusation industry’ operate against China?

🔻 Flygtninge og Fred, redigeret af Arne Hansen, 17. oktober, 2021
Jan Øberg om den forsvundne diskurs om freden og omkostningerne herved – lydoptagelse af dele af mit foredrag for Aarhus Mod Krig Og Terror den 10. oktober 2021

🔻 Comment in the South China Morning Post, September 12, 2021
Concerning Western vloggers who work on a broader, more balanced, image of China

🔻 Nova Makedonija, September 4, 2021
Large interview with Jan Oberg in Macedonia’s leading newspaper – online as well as a printed edition
– causing lots of positive reactions on TFF Associate Biljana Vankovska’s Facebook profile.

🔻Jan Oberg participates in a panel presenting Biljana Vankovska’s pathbreaking book, “NATO Membership: On the Front line” that we have presented on The Transnational here. This caused a lot of reactions on Dr Vankovska’s Facebook profile here and here.
The book launch marked the beginning of the international conference in Ohrid, “The Post-Covid-10 World: Old and New Responses to Uncertainties and Challenges” which was arranged by the Faculty of Philosophy, Institute for Security, Defence and Peace, at University “Ss Cyril and Methodius,” September 2-4, 2021.

🔻 Interview with Jan Oberg in Res Publica, Macedonia, August 31, 2021
Јан Оберг: Драга Македонијо, не ги ставај сите јајца во една кошница, почни да чекориш со две нозе
Interestingly, rapidly over 950 reactions, 44 comments and 100 shares…

🔻 MKD.MK in Skope, Macedonia, August 31, 2021
Interview with Jan Oberg in Skopje about Macedonia and the world
Created unusually many reactions on Facebook, here TFF Associate Biljana Vankovska’s profile.

🔻 CGTN – China’s global news channel, August 26, 2021
Western media’s ‘China accusation industry’ threatens free media: Expert
– and here on YouTube

🔻CCTV – China’s National Television news program, August 26, 2021
Short mention on prime time television of TFF’s Smokescreen report
– reaching between 500 million and 1 billion people

🔻 Kampanj Kärnvapenförbud. Nu! Lära för fred, Augusti 2021
Nämnar min artikel Sveriges kärnvapenaccept: Landsförräderi och fredsförräderi
Skriv på när du ändå är där!

🔻 Knut – Lindelöf.nu – August 18, 2021
Jan Öberg – “State Of The World” interview

🔻 eFolket Eskilstuna Tidning, August 18, 2021
“State of the World” – Terje Alnes intervjuar freds-och konfliktforskaren Jan Öberg, som maner til felles samarbeid om globale utfordringer.

🔻 Transnational Foundation For Peace And Future Research, August 17, 2021
US-Afghanistan August 15, 2021: Eight conclusions and the mean words “What was it we said all the time”?

🔻 Spartakus.no, Norway, introduction to a video conversation, August 17, 2021
Video “State of the World” on Spartakus’ YouTube Channel

🔻 Det 5. af de 6 seminarer med Det Nødvendige Seminar, DNS og TFF,
Seminars in the DNS-TFF series: # 5 on “The Balkans And The Purpose of NATO”

🔻 DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College, June 1, 2021
Third seminar with Jan Oberg on the MIMAC – The Military-Industrial Media Academic Complex
Earlier and forthcoming seminars – Register now

🔻 Steigan.no, May 30, 2021
Xinjiang og mere til: Stol ikke på mainstreammedier under sterk påvirkning av USA

🔻 The Transnational, May 13, 2021
How militarism fuels climate change – video plus international discussion

🔻 Steigan.no, 22. maj 2021
Terje Alnes refererer til min artikel om medierne og Xinjiang

🔻 Politikens leder anno 2021 i anledning af USAs udenrigsministers besøg, Facebook 17. maj 2021
Kommentar til leder om den amerikanske udenrigsminister, Blinkens, besøg i Danmark.

🔻 “De er sure, sagde ræven.” Kommentar på Facebook 13. maj 2021
DRs artikel “Rusland og Kina gør det. Nu vil Danmark have EU til at bruge vacciner som diplomatisk værktøj”

🔻 The second DNS/TFF Peace & Justice seminars during 2021, May 13, 2021
Seminar on “How Militarism Fuels Climate Change”
– videoforedrag af undertegnde samt diskussion med deltagere fra rundt om i verden.

🔻 Kommentar på Facebook, 10. maj, 2021
Johannes Møllehave er død

🔻 Interview i Arbejderen, 10. jan, 2021
Fredsforsker: Vestens kampagne mod Kina er både nøje planlagt og selvødelæggende

🔻 Interview i Arbejderen 5. maj, 2021
Fredsforsker: Alt kan blive bedre, når USA’s imperium er faldet – og dét sker snart

🔻 Kommentar på Facebook 16, april, 2021
Nye sanktioner mod Rusland og DR’s public disservice

🔻 Comment on PressTV, April 7, 2021
The Biden Administration’s non-starter on the Iran nuclear deal

🔻 Fars News Agency, March 21, 2021
“Algorithm New Word for Censorship” by Social Media Networks

🔻 Comment on PressTV, March 13, 2021
The inhuman, immoral and illegal sanctions on the Iranian people

🔻 Facebook kommentar og link, 5. marts, 2021
For fremtiden – læs Transnational Peace Affairs


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