I’m happy to announce that from December 2021, I serve as a monthly contributor of opinion pieces to China Daily. It has more than 52 million clicks online daily and about 40 million followers on social media – according to the latest (2016) data. It serves more than 330 million readers all over the world and is a default choice for people who read about China in English.

Here is Wikipedia about China Daily with some background and facts but then producing the obligatory boring list of Western accusations of CD doing what we once believed that Western media would surely never do…

I encourage you to go visit China Daily and see for yourself. We need to be curious and learn. Ignorant condemnations – particularly by people who have never studied or visited China – is wrong. Period.

I accepted the invitation to be a contributing writer because I believe in dialogue and diversity.

When you read my articles on China Daily you’ll look around and learn about China and surely see what you never see in Western media about China and many other matters. And you’ll see lots of materials about the West. Likewise, when the readers of my articles see who I am and are directed to my home here, they get the opportunity to look around and visit The Transnational that I edit and TFF of which I am the director.

That’s how, with an open mind, we connect and learn about each other globally. And make friends. If we want to.

Over about 20 years, I have – once a week – disseminated TFF Associates’ and my own research and public education articles to, among others, thousands of Western media people and editorial offices. No one picked up any of it or invited me to contribute articles to them on a regular basis.

Since I know that some will think or ask: So, you are now on the payroll of the Chinese government? – the answer is: “Yes, I am – China Daily is state-owned and says it will pay me US$ 100-150 for each article of about 1000 words.”

Finally, now and then, I contribute – alone or with my dear colleagues – also to other Chinese media.

All the links to Chinese media

Global Times, October 29, 2023
The Occident is heading for a disastrous accident

Global Times, Beijing, September 6, 2023
US ‘new Cold War’ against China is self-destructive

▪️ Global Times, Beijing, August 1, 2023
Rather than the usual paradigm of security through arms, humanity needs a completely different peace and security system

▪️ China Investment, July 2023
Towards a new peace and security thinking for the multipolar, cooperative and peaceful world
An unusually long article with a vision, featured as Cover Story of this distinguished Chinese official magazine.

Global Times, Beijing, July 13, 2023
US-Nordic Summit sees NATO expansion, confusion and repetition.

People’s Daily Online, July 13, 2023
NATO Summit sparks global security concern, international rights remain.

China’s Xinhua News Agency in English, July 12, 2023
Three articles using quotes:
Interview: NATO’s policies are gross violation of its own charter, int’l law, says Swedish expert. This also appeared on People’s Daily Online on July 12, 2023.
Roundup: NATO fails to give timetable for Ukraine membership at summit. This also appeared on People’s Daily Online on July 12, 2023.
NATO summit sparks global security concern, internal rifts remain

China’s national television, CCTV, July 12, 2023
Jan Oberg: Three comments related to NATO’s Vilnius Summit
新闻直播间]瑞典智库学者表示 北约自诩防御联盟 却持续扩张引发冲突

Shared also by 163.com, CZTV.com, Jxnews.com.cn, Huanqui.com.

China Daily, July 10, 2023
NATO’s 30 years of conflict and provocations

The Global Times, June 8, 2023
NATO office in Tokyo: Provocative and treaty-violating

Wenzhou News, May 30, 2023
(G7 in Hiroshima – Milestone of Western decline?)

Wenzhou News

Global Times, May 27, 2023
Provocative NATO undermines security of the Nordic region

Global Times, April 14, 2023
Western imperial dominance and militarism will not settle Ukraine in peace

China Daily, March 13, 2023
Latest Nord Stream theory ‘fake, dumb, improbable’: Swedish expert. This also appeared on People’s Daily Online and on TeleSUR in Caracas on the same day.

China’s Tik-Tok – Douyin – March 10, 2023
I’ve never seen so much lying and so little intellectual input in what is being reported

China Investment 1•2023, February 2023
Looking ahead, where does trust come from?

China Global Television Network, CGTN, March 8, 2023: Live: Headline Buster – Report links U.S. to Nord Stream explosion, western media silent on coverage?

China Daily, March 7, 2023
European experts question unusual silence over Nord Stream blasts. This also appeared on People’s Daily Online on the same date.

China Daily, February 24, 2023
Time to reflect on Russia-Ukraine conflict (vid

CCTV – China’s National Television, February 21, 2023
About the blowing up of the Nord Stream pipelines
About the war in Ukraine being a NATO-Russia war played out there

China Daily, February 20, 2023
Ukraine crisis: Think deeper or we all lose

China Daily, February 20, 2023
Experts take on Russia-Ukraine conflict

People’s Daily Online, February 16, 2023
Nord Stream blast proves U.S. waging economic war on European allies. This also appeared on TeleSUR in Caracas on February 14, 2023.

Xinhua News Agency, February 14-17, 2023
Of course, Nordstream was blown up by the US and NATO allies: A US economic war on submissive allies. Written originally as a comment for the Xinhua News Agency. It has had a good distribution throughout Xinhua and, thus, in other media in China (Chinese and English News):

The Xinhua article with my comment, shortened, in Chinese.

U.S. blowing up Nord Stream pipelines “economic war” against European allies: Swedish expert. This also appeared in People’s Daily Online on February 14, 2023.

Roughly the same but with my video and under GlobaLink and

Two mobile versions on “Window on China and The World”here and here.

Global Times, January 5, 2023
Two reasons that Europe would be forced to decouple from the US

China Daily, November 18, 2022
NATO shouldn’t be a bloc on road to peace

China Investment, November 2022
The West’s “Sanctionitis,” Militarism and Other Self-destructive Impulses

China Daily – July 13, 2022
NATO displays self-laudatory militarism

People’s Daily Online, July 1, 2022
NATO expansion only begets confrontation, threatening global security. Experts comment.

China Daily – June 6, 2022
Global challenge: US decline without war

People’s Daily Online, May 25, 2022
NATO expansion bid another example of West exacerbating conflict: Danish researcher

CGTN – China Global Television Network, May 8, 2022
“The Point With Liu Xin” – Panel discussion over 30 minutes about Finland and Sweden joining NATO.

CCTV – China’s National Television, May 17, 2022:
“Swedish Danish academic says what NATO is doing is creating conflict rather than solving problems“ [新闻直播间]瑞典 丹麦学者表示 北约所作所为是制造冲突而非解决问题

Global Times, April 17, 2022
More irrational NATO expansion to come


China Daily, April 14, 2022
Outdated NATO not a defensive body

Illustration to my December 2 column

Global Times, March 30, 2022
NATO-Russia conflict in Ukraine offers lessons for EU on China interactions

CCTV News Client – China Central Television, March 30, 2022
Danish academic: NATO’s eastward expansion is totally wrong NATO should be disbanded

Global Times, March 11, 2022
West misreads China’s two sessions due to lack of knowledge, malicious interpretation: Danish scholar

CCTV, China Central Television, March 11, 2022
On the response of the West and of China to Russia’s invasion of China

CCTV, China Central Television, March 10, 2022
On China’s Two Sessions

Global Times, March 2, 2022
Ukraine crisis: Time for some peace diplomacy, visions of a better future

China Daily, January 14, 2022
Nuclear control needs more than statement

China Daily, December 2, 2021
Real enemy of West is West itself, not China

Global Times, Beijing, November 16, 2021
Interview Part 2: West should learn about China with an open mind before making judgments

Global Times, Beijing, October 18, 2021
Interview Part 1: How does Western ‘accusation industry’ operate against China?

CGTN – China’s global news channel, August 26, 2021
Western media’s ‘China accusation industry’ threatens free media: Expert
– and here on YouTube

CCTV – China’s National Television news program, August 26, 2021
Short mention on prime time television of TFF’s Smokescreen report
– reaching between 500 million and 1 billion people

China News, August 27, 2021
丹麦学者奥贝里批驳:涉华报道已成“指责产业” – also referred to The Teller Report

ShanghaiEye makes use of the CCTV news item, August 27, 2021
Paying for media’s negative coverage is part of the West’s China Cold War agenda

CGTN – China’s global news channel, August 26, 2021
Western media’s ‘China accusation industry’ threatens free media: Expert and here on YouTube

CCTV Plus, August 26, 2021
Western media’s China “accusation industry” threatens free media, public discussion: scholar

CCTV – China’s National Television news program, August 26, 2021
Short mention on prime time television of TFF’s Smokescreen report
– reaching between 500 million and 1 billion people

CGTN, Beijing, May 21, 2021
Xinjiang report doesn’t justify a new Cold War, warns Swedish research group
Paul Barber talks with Jan Oberg

CGTN, Beijing, May 21, 2021
CGTN Conversations: MIMAC, S.1169 and the U.S.-led Western propaganda on Xinjiang
Abhishek Bhaya speak with Gordon Dumoulin, Thore Vestby and Jan Oberg
And here on CGTN’s YouTube Channel. Also on Twitter here and here.

Global Times, Beijing, May 21, 2021
‘Genocide accusation of China nonsense,’ belittles those who suffer such crimes: scholars
Article about a 4 hour seminar in which TFF’s Dumoulin, Vestby and Oberg participated together with many other Western and Chinese scholars.

China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA) & Chongang Institute of Financial Studies at Renmin University of China, May 20, 2021
“Xinjiang in My Eyes” International Forum on Zoom

PressReader – China Daily, Hong Kong, May 19, 2021
Report on Xinjiang ‘genocide’ dismissed

China Daily – Global Edition – basically the same report as Ecns.cn below, May 19, 2021
Western report on Xinjiang gets debunked

Ecns.cn in Beijing – Scholars from Xinjiang University and Academy of Social Sciences refer favourably to TFF’s report, May 19, 2021
Western report on Xinjiang gets debunked

Global Times, China, May 17, 2021
‘Independent Xinjiang report’ full of bias, dubious sources; Nordic think tank questions its credibility after Western media’s problematic coverage

China.org.cn’s page on Facebook, May 17, 2021
Summary of TFF’s first report

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The People’s Republic of China, May 15, 2021
Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng: Whoever Heard of Such a Genocide in the World! – mention of TFF’s report
About the minister here.

Xiakedao – one of the essential WeChat public accounts of The People’s Daily, May 14, 2021
【解局】深度揭秘!美加炮制新疆“种族灭绝”黑幕 = [Solution] In-depth secret! The U.S. and Canada concoct the “genocide” in Xinjiang

CGTN, China’s global English-language TV channel on YouTube, May 14, 2021
Danish scholar: Report by U.S., Canadian think tanks on Xinjiang is full of lies

Ecns.cn and Xinhua News Agency, May 12, 2021
Nordic think tank discredits U.S.-led report on Xinjiang as propaganda

Spokesperson发言人办公室@MFA_China, May 10, 2021
Sweden-based TFF stressed “report” on genocide in Xinjiang lacks credibility and the relevant US think tank has obvious political aims. On Twitter and on Facebook.

CCTV, China’s Central Television accessible to one billion people, May 7, 2021
Five minutes about TFF’s analysis of the documentation underlying the genocide accusation – Xinjiang – against China, interview with Jan Oberg.

CGTN, China, May 7, 2021
Nordic analysis calls out propaganda nature of U.S. report on Xinjiang

China Daily, April 30, 2021
TFF’s Xinjiang analysis mentioned in “Things to Know about All the Lies on Xinjiang”

Ecns.cn, China, April 30, 2021
Nordic think tank discredits U.S.-led report on Xinjiang as propaganda

China Daily, Hong Kong, and China Watch Institute, April 30, 2021
Things to know about all the lies on Xinjiang: How have they come about? – mention of TFF’s report

XinhuaNet – China’s News Agency in Copenhagen, April 29, 2021
Nordic think tank discredits U.S.-led report on Xinjiang as propaganda

Sina English – Weibo, April 29, 2021
Nordic think tank discredits U.S.-led report on Xinjiang as propaganda

CGTN, China, April 29, 2021
European analysts question credibility of ‘Xinjiang Uygur genocide’ report

China’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, Twitter, April 28, 2021
Take a look at this TFF analysis about Xinjiang and three other tweets here.

涉疆谎言是如何产生的? April 25, 2021
China Daily, Chinese edition mentions TFF’s Xinjiang Report


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