⏰ Eastern Aleppo’s liberation

Photo – Girl in the Jibrin reception center in Aleppo, December 2016 © Oberg PhotoGraphics


Eastern Aleppo was liberated four years ago, in mid-December 2016. Silence today. Denial today.

I was one of the few witnesses on the ground, the only person from Scandinavia.

My photos and some of my many texts about Eastern Aleppo are available on my Exposure platform. I urge you to see them.

In spite of my many attempts, not one photo or text published by any Western “free” media – they remain free to be as one-sided, deceptive, uniform and pro-NATO as they like, or know they have to be.

This failed regime-change with its enormous human and cultural costs must never be forgotten.

But it is – among other reasons to enable that all the non-convicted war criminals who were responsible shall remain at large. Even the darlings of the Western media such as Obama, Biden and…

NATO member Turkey and Western allies Saudi Arabia and the Golf states were major comrades in crime.

And Trump has secured the oil. “Always secure the oil,” – as he says.

Three years ago I asked: Anybody ashamed? No reactions – not even from the Left who attacked me. Almost none from peace movement people, except personal friends.

Three years ago, I documented the Western media fraud – the Danish and Swedish in particular. No media has investigated their own coverage – not even apologized for their belief in a constructed media narrative instead of seeking their own sources.

Interesting too?  The little girl from Eastern Aleppo

Last year I wrote about the moral decay of the West in relation to Syria. No reaction of course – thanks to its racism and militarism, it is in rapid decline and will soon belong to the peripheries of the dynamic new world emerging. Why should it bother about learning anything?

The West has always taught, it has never learned. It’s hubris and it means arrogance and then fall.

In November 2016, I wrote a very comprehensive and deep analysis of the White Helmets – who stole the nema Syrian Civil Defence from the real Syrian Civil Defence – and who was behind them. It’s inventor later committed suicide and the campaign to make them get the Nobel Peace Prize failed.

Totally shocked by what I have seen, I wrote a number of articles back in 2017.

Thousands of media people in Western mainstream media have received all this via TFF PressInfo from the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research.

Not one has reacted – not one has taken up a defence of what he or she wrote. Not one chose later to publish any of my text or photos or approach med about the media coverage.

It speaks volumes of the moral and professional decay of Western mainstream media.

Only fools, cynics and politically naive, good-hearters today believe that they understand anything of international affairs via the mainstream. The mainstream is always more pro-war than pro-negotiations, not to speak about pro-peace. They belong to what I call the MIMAC – the Military-Industrial-Media-Academic Complex.

The MIMAC has stifled the entire discourse about peace – in politics, media and science.

Interesting too?  As we move into the new year - 2017

And YES, I am angry.

In Eastern Aleppo on December 12, 2016

8 thoughts on “⏰ Eastern Aleppo’s liberation

  1. The behaviour of the western media is a big disgrace. As Jan writes: “Even if President Assad had been the worst dictator on earth since Hitler, nothing can justify our – US/NATO countries – complicity in human suffering of such proportions.”

  2. As I read once more I remember the photos and reports from 2016, and it is true I saw them all nowhere else. The interpretations made by “Western free media” of actions by the SAA and the Russians to help the people, making it seem like criminal not compassionate and effective help, were terrible, and as you say, most was ignored by the West, and the Syrian destruction continues.

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