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Sweden soon at war? Yes, perhaps, if in NATO

It was a few days ago when Swedish Army chief, Major-General Anders Brännström stated in a (leaked) internal document that ‘Sweden could be at war within a few years.’

This is, of course, nothing but ‘fearology’ and very bad judgement. He may be a great soldier but a victim of his own system’s bizarre threat perceptions – always pointing as they do to the Russians.

As I explain here, this is part of a much larger picture – and it isn’t good. The statement – that is not and has not been backed up by any analysis – ought to be enough for general Brännström to be replaced.

But that is something both mainstream media and scholars are too diplomatic to suggest. Had he stated something about Sweden being drawn into a war if it were a NATO member it would certainly have caused quite a media debate and discussions about his qualifications.

Frågor till Morgan Johansson

Till Morgan Johansson (S) med anledning av dina kommentarer i Dagens Nyheter 28:e januari 2016:
Har du och regeringen gått helt i panik, slutat tänka och försöka bedöma vad som kommer att hända framöver??
“Vi måste även få länder att ta emot sina medborgare”, säger migrationsminiser Morgan Johansson. Vilken värld levar han i? Irak, Syrien eller Afghanistan som de flytt från?
Hur ska regeringen tillsäkra att de efter ankomsten till hemlandet inte kommer att utsättas för just de övergrepp eller krig som de flytt infrån?
Det här förslaget kommer att få mängder av avvisade asylsökande att gå under jorden i Sverige – alltså bara öka det problem man försöker lösa.
Hur ska regeringen begränsa kriminaliteten här om den vill komma åt dem som ger avvisade möjlighet att överleva? Även om det är svart och fel kan det vara den enda överlevnadsmöjlighet medan man är under jorden i Sverige.
Blir det nästa att det är kriminellt att vara gömmare, Morgan Johansson? Vill du och inrikesminister Ygeman kanske så småningom kriminalisera humanitet?
Och vad ska hända med dem som efter 18 månader under jorden enligt Dublinkonventionen har rätt att söka asyl igen i Sverige och få ansökan behandlat? Ska du och inrikesminister Ygeman deportera dem också och bryta ned konventionen helt?
Slutligen – du talar här om att “vi måste upprätthålla rättsprincipen” – ska du säga som sitter i en socialdemokratisk regering, som med nya gränskontrollen i praktiken har avskaffat den internationellt stadgade rätt till att söka asyl och få sin ansökan behandlat.
Hur kan du och dina kollegor sova gott om natten?

At lifting most of the sanctions on Iran

Congratulations to Iran – people, leadership and brilliant negotiation team under the leadership of foreign minister Javad Zarif.
But then I criticise that the US Treasury imposed new sanctions the day after – on Sunday January 17 – and I argue that it is a sign of weakness and that the friends of the U.S. should not follow suit.

Thanks a lot and no retirement!

700+ lovely friends congratulated me yesterday throughout social media and in other ways!
I’ve read every one of them! Totally amazing! THANKS!!
I’m so grateful for all your flowers, cakes, art works, cartoons and your good wishes and appreciations!
I can’t thank each one of you but I can post some of my original flowers for YOU as a small token of my gratitude.
TFF and I promise to ‘keep up the good work’ as many of you wrote.
Although it was 65, also promise you that I shall neither retire from my peace nor my art photo work
– Jan Oberg


My comments on ID checks and border controls


My comments on ID checks and border controls – YouTube/RT

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North Korea’s bomb test hysteria

Here media hysteria goes again. This is BBC.

It is very difficult to know what has happened. The media and many governments around the world immediately condemn this test. The EU says it is against UN Security Council resolutions – a council consisting exclusively of much stronger, nuclear powers.

Before we get carried away, it should be pointed out that North Korea’s military expenditures (US$ 7-10 bn and very complicated to calculate, but anyhow) is around 1% of those of the U.S., about 20% of South Korea’s and about 15% of Japan’s.


North Korea’s entire military costs a bit less than the newest single nuclear bomb the U.S. tested last year.

Nuclear weapons remain a huge problem to the world. However, countries that have nuclear weapons themselves focus on proliferation. Humanity focuses on the existence of nuclear weapons. Simply put, as long as there are some who have nuclear weapons, others will try to acquire them.

Mass media that blow this inferior nuclear power’s test of whatever it was up on the front pages but forget to tell their audiences much much more serious nuclear stories are – knowingly or not – part of a militarist propaganda machine. Thereby they promote what I have called MIMAC – the Military-Industrial-Media-Academic Complex.

That should not be the role of any media. It would be to highlight all nuclear activities by any government, get some proportions, highlight how these weapons violate international law and inform the world about both the huge risks and what would happen if they are used and, finally, inform us about the activities for nuclear disarmament and abolition.

Just contributing to “fearology” about a nuclear dwarf and keep us uninformed about the giants militates against objectivity, pluralism and freedom of the press. And it contributes indirectly to militarism.

What are the much more serious nuclear stories I mentioned above?

Well, it has just been revealed that 33,000 U.S. atomic factory workers have died over the last 70 years because of the dangerous environment.

Fact is that nuclear weapons cause many problems even without being used directly – such as the war on Iraq, such as polluting the environment and making larges areas – like in Khazakstan – uninhabitable. There are constant nuclear accidents and the world could be more or less totally destroyed from a single technical or human failure.

And what does the U.S. do with a president who wanted to work for a nuclear-free worldand received the Nobel Peace Prize?

It has decided to spend US$ 1 trillion – i.e. 1000 billion – the next 30 years on new nuclear weapons. Read more about this perverse ‘peace’ policy here.