Is Ukraine a Proxy Western-Russia War?

Is Ukraine a Proxy Western-Russia War?
U.S. Weighs Arming Kiev as Violence Soars | Democracy Now!
By Stephen Cohen, professor emeritus of New York University

If you do not have the time to read long articles, spend 20 min on understanding what has happened, is happening and could now very well happen: War in Europe.

Isn’t that worth 20 min of your time?

Where would you find those 20 minutes? By cutting your consumption of mainstream media distortions for 20 minutes – at least!

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  1. Stephen Cohen’s strong suggestion to “stop and think” may be the wisest thing any expert or analyst has said about the Ukraine crisis.
    “Understand what he said—and the rollout of this report has been coming. And if you look at the signatures, these are the leaders of the American war party, the people who literally want a military showdown with Russia. Stop and think what that means. Stop and think what that means, as though Russia is going to back off. But the people who signed this report—and they’ve been bringing it out for days—are saying that the—he literally just said this—the future of the 21st century is at stake in Ukraine. Stop and think what that means. Then he went on to say things that are fundamentally untrue, that Russia has invaded and annexed eastern Ukraine. I mean, when the State Department was asked a few weeks ago, “Can you confirm the presence of Russian troops in eastern Ukraine?” the State Department, which misleads about this story all the time, said, “No, we cannot.” So what are—this is what I’m talking about the fog of war, where we’re being told Russia has annexed eastern Ukraine, the stake of the world is at—the future of the world is at stake here, and basically they’re calling for war with Russia.”

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