Interview with RT International

Jan Oberg interview with RT International on rise of islamophobia in Sweden
A slightly different perspective from what you generally hear again and again: everybody coming to Sweden is a burden.
We have to stop this nonsense and stop the Swedish Democrats from getting away with it!

Interesting too?  Frank Gehry - is there one politician somewhere with a similar creativity

One thought on “Interview with RT International

  1. Certainly most refugees would like to return to their homelands, but, particularly for Syrians, the violence makes it virtually impossible. Identifying the true causes of violence in Syria and other nations where people become forced to flee, including specifically assigning blame where criminal motivations lead to actions which can only be described as war crimes/crimes against humanity, is the starting point to ending the wars. Whether the true causes are Middle East natural resources/European energy market share competitions gone insane, about monarchy vs. democratic secularism movements, nationalized vs. private ownership of immense energy resources, or any combination, the true causes must come to the attention of the world. The time for half-truths, obfuscation, or outright lies about very serious situations harming millions of innocent people has to end for peaceful resolutions to have any chance.

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