TFF PressInfo 282 Instead of bombing ISIS – Concrete proposals (Part B)

Lots of proposals, doable and much more efficient than war. Please SHARE, thanks.

The alternative to war is not to do nothing, it is to do something else!

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  1. Jan,
    A proposal to end ISIS would be an agreement by the leaders of every nation on Earth to send 1,000 ground troops to the Middle East, give ISIS soldiers 24 hours to surrender, or risk losing their lives. If proposed at the highest level by one or more national leaders (President, Prime Minister, etc.) such an idea, carried out as an international police action, could succeed, and, at the least, would force open, through discussion and 100’s of national debates around the Earth, the truth floodgates unfortunately locked in the closed position now. Worldwide dissemination of ISIS truth would change everything by forcing those in positions of power to speak the truth (Joe Biden) from that point – which seems to be the one basis for best-results actions to resolve the entire Middle East violence issue.

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