US to strike ISIL ‘sanctuaries’ in Syria
I venture the following predictions:

1) This will lead to mass-killing of innocents too.

2) This will further undermine the United Nations since there is no mandate for bombing Syria.

3) It will strengthen the resolve of ISIL and other groups (see end statement).

4) This is done either without President Al-Assad’s acceptance and is thus international aggression or the Coalition has a secret agreement with the mass murderer who was, not long ago, to be thrown out – thus undermining the moral strength and principles of the West.

5) Keeping Iran out will only antagonise it further from the West (see Khamenei’s response that now Iran won’t participate).

6) This will make a peaceful restructuring and stability in the whole Middle Eastern region even more difficult and Obama/the West has no vision about it – and

7) There will be more terrorists in the future since killing terrorists does not address the root causes of the ism – terrorism.

In short – a tragedy beyond words, caused to a large extent by the West itself, since March 20, 2003.

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  1. USA have made IS, because they wanted them to fight Assad. Now USA is using IS brutality, to bomb Syria and probably stay there, until they have killed Assad. USA is acting as a Bull with no brain. Like in Kosovo….

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