Obama’s plan to stop ISIS

☮ ☮ Obama’s plan to stop ISIS – video of speech, about 13 min.
This speech is a record low in terms of moral and intellectual analysis: What it boils down to is war – i.e. killing every single ISIS person anywhere.

The war on terror has always been about killing terrorists but you can not kill an ism – terrorism. Do something about the causes that compel people to become terrorists.

This speech, when implemented, will in all likelihood lead to more terrorism and hatred of the West – I mean what will frustrated Sunnis in Iraq think about Obama?

Not a word about international law – but a remarkable sentence that in two weeks Obama himself will chair a meeting of the UN Security Council! What? Can any head of state do that??

Further, not a word about Washington’s long-term vision for a better Middle East – indicative of the absence of any such vision.

Finally, the last 2 minutes are the most interesting: A combination of unbearable self-praise, megalomania and denial of the changing U.S. role in the changing world.

If this is American leadership at its best – and that’s what the President says – the world as we know it may soon crumble.

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