Ukraine: Russia’s military is moving in

Ukraine: Russia’s military is moving in – BBC

This is extremely serious. It’s a counterproductive way to react to the US regime change in Kiev, NATO’s military build-up and EU membership conditions.

TFF is working to find out what the US/NATO is doing in and with Ukraine.

There is at least 7 major parties in the Ukraine conflict formation – complicated!

This clear violation of a border will give NATO a pretext for a massive build-up to be decided on September 4-5 in Wales.

This is a conflict in which the world should have asked the UN to deploy large numbers of peacekeepers months ago and facilitate de-escalation and a negotiated solution. Putin should have gone that way before this one.

Ban ki-Moon – if he wasn’t a spineless puppet of the US – should have taken action as he can according to Article 99 and 100 in the UN Charter.

We are living in dark times when none of this is even discussed.

And thus the times will get darker.

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