A NATO for a dangerous world – sure

 Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Philip M. Breedlove: A NATO for a Dangerous World – WSJ

Here is the West’s intellectual high jumpers when they are at their best. Sorry to say it, it ain’t good enough.

NATO is for a dangerous world. It couldn’t live without finding new enemies on a permanent basis. Here they omit every fact, including the US/EU-instigated regime change – for the worse – in Kiev and NATO’s overwhelming superiority in the military field. And note how history is falsified too – as if it wasn’t with the consent of NATO that Bosnia was bombed and Kosovo was carved out of an existing European state.

Fogh Rasmussen recently said on Danish Television that “we gave the Iraqis a chance to make a better society but they didn’t take it!” when he should explain ISIS.

I guess he is now making a world a better place but the rest of us don’t take his generous offer either…

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