EU and US warn Russia against ‘humanitarian invasion’ of Ukraine

EU and US warn Russia against ‘humanitarian’ invasion of Ukraine

Other-destructive & self-destructive. The West’s playing tough sandbox policies here is little but cover-up for a blunder of historic proportions: the regime change in Kiev and the attempt to force Ukraine into the EU and NATO.

Since enmity with Russia is not in the interest of a single European citizen, one wonders how much of EU’s foreign policy is de facto formulated by Washington?

Dark dark clouds are gathering over Europe: 25 years after the old Cold War, inexperienced visonless politicians on both sides seem bent on repeating modern history’s largest mistake: the 40 long years of Cold War in Europe.

Human folly seems limitless. Those who don’t learn from history’s failures are bound to repeat them.

Interesting too?  Som i den autoritære stat står Danmarks Radio og Folketinget sammen om krigen


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