EU and US warn Russia against ‘humanitarian invasion’ of Ukraine

EU and US warn Russia against ‘humanitarian’ invasion of Ukraine

Other-destructive & self-destructive. The West’s playing tough sandbox policies here is little but cover-up for a blunder of historic proportions: the regime change in Kiev and the attempt to force Ukraine into the EU and NATO.

Since enmity with Russia is not in the interest of a single European citizen, one wonders how much of EU’s foreign policy is de facto formulated by Washington?

Dark dark clouds are gathering over Europe: 25 years after the old Cold War, inexperienced visonless politicians on both sides seem bent on repeating modern history’s largest mistake: the 40 long years of Cold War in Europe.

Human folly seems limitless. Those who don’t learn from history’s failures are bound to repeat them.

Interesting too?  DRs og FEs trusselsbillede


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