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NSDD 54 United States Policy towards Eastern Europe in 1982

These months I’m finalising a large blog containing most of what TFF has published since 1991 on former Yugoslavia (about 1500 pages). Today I stumbled upon this de-classified “Secret” document from 1982 about the U.S. strategy to get East European allies of the Soviet Union interested in joining the European community and acquire Western values – including re-inforcing pro-Western values of their people.

This was 7 years before the Berlin Wall fell.

And, so, if you think the U.S. did not play a role in influencing Ukraine to join the EU and NATO and thereby “minimizing the benefits” to Russia, its’ time to look into the longer history and how such conflicts operate. Of course, the East also tried to infiltrate and influence Westerners – but the West was better at that game.

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