US warns Russia against Ukraine invasion

☮ ☮ US warns Russia against Ukraine invasion – Al Jazeera English

Does the United States want a war? Read this carefully!

Samantha Power used to be a researcher one could respect, albeit not always agree with. Now she has turned into a war-monger. Here she has the guts to say that if Russia should deliver humanitarian aid to the suffering people in Eastern Ukraine, it will be considered “an invasion”.

This is a completely new principle in the world community invented for the occasion. And Ban Ki Moon supports the idea that the Ukraine government – which is seriously co-responsible for the humanitarian crisis – does fine in terms of humanitaarian aid.

If he had been the UN’s man and not the US’ man he would have condemned both parties’ violence. I mean, Kiev is “killing its own” as they said about Khadafi and Al-Assad and others.

Does the US want a war over Eastern Ukraine and force Ukraine into NATO – if not, why is this being handled in this exceptionally confrontational and counterproductive – for the West itself – manner?

And when will media people begin to ask that and similar question?

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