NATO – News: NATO stands by Ukraine,

☮ NATO – News: NATO stands by Ukraine, Secretary General says in Kiev , 07-Aug, 2014

Mr. Fogh Rasmussen’s memory doesn’t go as far back as to the U.S.-orchestrated regime change in Kiev without any moves before by Russia. That was a blatant example of disrespect for a country’s sovereignty that he uses now about Russia’s “aggression” in Ukraine. Read William Pfaff’s sober exposé.

Due to this “slip” of memory, we get nothing but sandbox diplomacy and – dangerous, dangerous – psycho-projections which serve to cover up for the huge EU and US/NATO mistake over the last 20 years in its policies vis-a-vis Ukraine and Russia.

This is dangerous because the wisdom of de-escalation demanded of Russia comes as part of a clear, ongoing and systematic political, media and military escalation on the Western side.

The old Cold War is not back but Fogh Rasmussen and NATO is now – stubbornly and unwisely – moving forward towards confrontation instead of doing what they call upon Russia to do: De-escalate.

Sandbox policies by small men playing tough strutting with too much weaponry and too little intellectual capacity has thrown the world out in terrible situations before.

Stop your move towards the brink, Mr. Fogh Rasmussen, and back up your supposed wisdom with action that can be respected by people east and west in the direction of dialogue and peace.

Russia’s military expenditures is only 8% of yours! If you feel threatened it is because the “threat” is your pretext. Nothing else.


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