☮ ☮ US supplies Israel with bombs amid Gaza blitz

Do we see a new moral principle concerning arms exports?

☮ ☮ US supplies Israel with bombs amid Gaza blitz – who is morally responsible for Gaza? – says Al-Jazeera

Two points here:

1) While Obama calls for immediate ceasefire, Pentagon keeps assisting Israel in killing even more civilians. Spineless? Absurd? Cruel? Immoral? You name it. The NATO country, Norway’s Nobel Committee should request that Obama returns his medal immediately but be sure it won’t.

2) NATO countries and Obama himself have argued relentlessly that Putin/Russia is responsible for the MH17 catastrophe because it was done by pro-Russians and probably a Russian Buk missile.

The handy norm for the occasion is this: The one who delivers the weapons is responsible for hos the recipient uses these weapons. This can be said to be an interesting ethical innovation.

But if made the norm, draw your own conclusions about who is mainly responsible for the mass murder in Gaza and the occupation, ethnic cleansing.

The U.S. delivers military aid to Israel for US$ 3-4 bn per year.

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