☮ ☮ And President Obama wants peace!

☮ ☮ And President Obama wants peace? – See him in this video and read the facts from CNN.

In terms of total money received, Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of military assistance from the US since World War II. Between 2002 and 2011 Israel got $30 billion of US foreign aid of which nearly 75% was used to purchase U.S. defense equipment from American companies.

Putin delivers military assistance to separatists in Ukraine and is accused of causing MH17’s downing. So if those who deliver weapons are guilty of how the recipients use them, this should also be President Obama’s moment of truth.

He should join the international civil society and tell how he plans to stop Israel from using all the weapons his country delivers.

And how bizarre: First weapons, then war, then ceasefire negotiations and then small humanitarian coins to the victims.

What the hell did you expect, Mr. President, when you delivered the weapons to Israel in the first place?

Interesting too?  Wow, Hillary Clinton as moral philosopher


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