Israel launches Gaza ground attack

► ► BREAKING – Israel launches Gaza ground attack

22 hours ago I wrote as a comment on Israel’s idea to have a new ceasefire.
My point b) turned out – tragically – to be true:

☮ ☮ Israel to temporarily halt fire in Gaza Strip
Hmmmm – this comes after Netanyahu said Israel would bow to no pressure from anywhere, after Hamas said no to ceasefire, after it was stated that the bombs would fall until the rockets went silent and after Liberman attacked his boss for being too weak. Strange!

Two interpretations: a) The Israeli media strategy is failing, the world is in sympathy with the Palestinians, some goodwill is needed; b) this is the step that shall lead to an escalation including a ground invasion: Look these Palestinian terrorists didn’t reach out when we told them to. Now we are going to show them an even harder lesson.

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