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☮ ☮ Where Is The Passion for Peace? Yes,

☮ ☮ Where Is The Passion for Peace?

Yes, indeed – where is that passion?

Today those of us who struggle for the UN norm of peace by peaceful means are often treated as dangerous or as pariahs.

A brilliant, searching argument by professor Walter G. Moss who reminds us that (Western) statesmen of earlier times had values and faith to see peace as the dominant value in their struggles with problems of their time. Not so today!

August 1914…August 2014? I urge you to share this!


Israel er nu nogle flinke fyre – mener Politiken

Politikens forside 31. juli 2014

Politikens forside 31. juli 2014

Politikens overskrift sender sine egne budskaber:
1) Sagen skal undersøges og Israel skal selv undersøge sine gerninger.
2) Årsag og skyld er ikke afgjort. Alle andre – dog ikke USA men – f.eks. FNs generalsekretær og medarbejdere har allerede sagt hvad det handler om;
3) Det kan altså være et uheld – skønt det er en systematisk metode (MH17 kunne ikke være et uheld, vel?).
4) Og hvis det er et uheld så vil Israel undskylde.
5) Forbrydelsen gøre hypotetisk – “hvis” de var skyldige.

Politikens folk har enten modtaget information fra Israel om hvorledes disse ting bør præsenteres – Hasbarah/propaganda verdens rundt – eller er utilladeligt naive og aner ikke at de er objekt for netop Hasbarah.

☮ ☮ US supplies Israel with bombs amid Gaza blitz

Do we see a new moral principle concerning arms exports?

☮ ☮ US supplies Israel with bombs amid Gaza blitz – who is morally responsible for Gaza? – says Al-Jazeera

Two points here:

1) While Obama calls for immediate ceasefire, Pentagon keeps assisting Israel in killing even more civilians. Spineless? Absurd? Cruel? Immoral? You name it. The NATO country, Norway’s Nobel Committee should request that Obama returns his medal immediately but be sure it won’t.

2) NATO countries and Obama himself have argued relentlessly that Putin/Russia is responsible for the MH17 catastrophe because it was done by pro-Russians and probably a Russian Buk missile.

The handy norm for the occasion is this: The one who delivers the weapons is responsible for hos the recipient uses these weapons. This can be said to be an interesting ethical innovation.

But if made the norm, draw your own conclusions about who is mainly responsible for the mass murder in Gaza and the occupation, ethnic cleansing.

The U.S. delivers military aid to Israel for US$ 3-4 bn per year.

Gaza chamber? Zionism must be replaced

Israeli bombs kill 100 Gazans in single day – Al Jazeera English

Israel’s leaders seem determined to turn Gaza into what one could call a Gaza chamber.

While Israel’s leaders believe they destroy the Palestinian state and people, we are also seeing the possible self-destruction of Israel.

When everybody – presumably including the U.S./NATO and the EU – have abandoned Israel as a friend and ally, it may either become an extremely dangerous actor or simply fall apart.

The only Palestine-Israel that can survive in my view is a democratic state with equal rights for all, not a Jewish state, not a Zionist state.

Concluding question: How do we help Israel to recognise the end vision and co-operate on an alternative – becoming one partner in a larger Middle Eastern community?

Russian Attacks Change Europe’s Security Landscape – Oh, really, General Dempsey?

☮ ☮ The highest military commander in the US, Dempsey: Russian Attacks Change Europe’s Security Landscape  –  My comment today to Iran’s PressTV.

This is alarming in the sense that Dempsey’s statements are extremely bellicose. His arguments are thin and imprecise. But it seems that the U.S. has now recognised that it won’t get Ukraine into NATO that easily and, so, instead must find pretexts to get into Ukraine – by “helping” Ukraine to militarize. That pretext of course is that Russia is back to Stalin, very dangerous for us and is the cause of nationalism in parts of Europe…
In my view, we are now seeing the consequences of the triumphalist policies of NATO since 1989. His denounciation of using military power inside a sovereign state – as if the US/NATO never did that – would be amusing if it wasn’t so blatantly exceptionalist of the misdeeds of the U.S. and its allies.

Press TV news program

Press TV news program

It’s doable: Peace Israel-Palestine

By Jan Oberg

Jan Oberg

Jan Oberg





This one has just been published as TFF PressInfo here. I argue that we need to focus on the violence on both sides rather than taking sides among the parties. The article ends with some principles about conflict understand and will be followed-up with some more concrete ideas.

I sincerely believe we must try to be constructive, pro-peace and not continue to be stuck in blaming, apportioning guilt and focus only on past and present cruelty – we need, to make peace, to look into the future and what it could be like, acceptable of course to all parties.

No, it is not easy – it is much easier to thrwo mud in one or the other direction and vent one’s frustrations. But I am looking for people who’d like to make an honest attempt.

TV2 News – censur eller bare amatørisme?

På denne vidunderlige solrige og varme fredagseftermiddag er jeg på havearbejde da en det ringer fra TV2 News. Den meget venlige og korrekte kvinde siger at man vil høre om jeg har synspunkter på hvorfor der er så megen emotionalitet omkring det, der sker i Gaza.

Jeg smider hvad jeg står med – for det er jo vigtigt, giver hende en del baggrund til konflikten og svarer udførligt på samtlige hendes spørgsmål. Hun er åbenbart blevet bedt om at ringe op for selv ved hun intet om mig, TFF eller hvad en fredsforsker er for en.

Hun har heller ikke set den TFF PressInfo om netop Gaza som man har fået på redaktionen godt en time tidligere.

Flere gange siger hun Continue reading